Seasonal and Exotic Plants in Arzachena

We are a benchmark for green lovers. We provide plants, flowers and everything needed for customers who want complete service, including not only the construction and maintenance of parks and gardens, but also supplying flowers, seasonal and exotic plants and various types of products dedicated to gardening. Vivai Piante Prato Verde of Arzachena has been working in the field since 1990. We offer our skills and experience while providing a rich selection of plants, chosen and cultivated with the passion and expertise of professionals.
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The Most Well-Equipped Nursery of the Costa Smeralda

The nursery, thanks to its vast selection of plants, flowers and products, operates all throughout the Costa Smeralda. We guarantee clientele with the opportunity to embellish any property or environment using lively, seasonal and exotic flowering plants, as well as ornamental plants and fruit plants.
Our offers are also expanded by the presence of age-old Mediterranean plants such as pomegranate, carob, or citrus plants.

Complete Support for Your Greenery

At Vivai Piante Prato Verde, you will find the finest fertilisers, as well as all products dedicated to the gardening world. We also offer qualified assistance for the care of every floral species. At the garden center, you will always find staff ready to provide you with complete assistance and valuable aesthetic advice on how to embellish every corner of your home, terrace or garden. This will allow you to choose from a wide range of high-quality gardening items and plants. The nursery extends over a covered area of ​​9,000 sq. m. and an outside area of 35,000 sq. m. Here, you will surely find what you are looking for or have always wanted. Our simple and functional line of products are found in different departments: production, garden, shop (equipment, hydraulics, products) and pottery.

In these spaces, products are available for sale such as:
  • Baked industrial pottery
  • Baked handmade pottery (Sienese, Sardinian, Mexican)
  • Artificially baked PVC pottery, with a granulated texture or plastic
  • Potting soil
  • Chemical or organic fertilisers
  • Garden stones (rock decor)
  • Black granulated vegetable potting soil with MC
  • Irrigation items
  • Garden items
  • Garden equipment
For info on our products and services, call now at +39 0789 83581.
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