Prato Verde

We Create Splendid Gardens on the Costa Smeralda

Since 1990, Vivai Piante Prato Verde has offered workers, as well as hobbyists and lovers of flowers and plants, a wide range of ornamental flowers, fruit flowers and plants. We have also offered all the products a person needs to create or maintain their own garden or green corner. For decades, our company has put experience and passion into this field, which the owners have translated into gardening activities and projects. They have constantly expanded the company over the years and made it a reference for the entire Costa Smeralda.
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Thanks to the experience we have gained in this field and the continuous growth of the company, our garden center is able to house various types of plants (fruit, ornamental and age-old) in an open space of over 35,000 square metres. In this vast area, you will find age-old Mediterranean plants such as pomegranate (Punica Granatum), carob (Ceratonia Siliqua), and centuries-old olive trees. You will also find several citrus trees including oranges, lemons and mandarin oranges, bringing the colors and scents of the Mediterranean to wherever they are planted.

Products and Services

Our company also operates in the area of ​​Porto Cervo and the rest of the Costa Smeralda, offering customers a wide selection of terracotta vases (baked and ceramic), flowerpots for terraces and apartments, and garden items and equipment, such as gravel, outdoor furnishings and small, wooden houses.
Gardening services and regular garden maintenance are also provided, thanks to the use of personnel who are experts in the field. They can meet any customer's needs and requests, recommending the best solutions for any home or garden.
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Call the nursery at +39 0789 83581 for information on our products.
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